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5 Essential Tips to Survive a Car Lockout

Essential tips to survive a car lockout

Oh snap! You just slammed the door shut and realized the keys are left in the car. This situation is common to many drivers. But how can you get out of it? Here, we will talk about the top 5 tips on how to avoid or solve a car lockout situation. We will also recommend a solid answer to the problem as well in the end. So, without further waiting, let’s begin!

First Rule First: Don’t Panic

When most people get stuck in such a situation, they start to panic (which is natural). The real question is how to control and overcome it. It is advised to keep your head cool and consider options. In this way, you think of better solutions and can easily work your way out.

The rush of anxiety can create some troubles. Such as, when you become anxious, your hands may start to shake. On the other hand, a trembling voice may hinder your communication. So, in case you call someone for help, you may babble some things.

One mistake people often make in panic is that they break the window to retrieve the car key. Their instant thought can be “It’s just a window. I’ll repair it later in a workshop.” But this method only causes a waste of money.

So, to overcome the momentary panic attack, halt. Take a deep breath (a few more will be nicer). If available, drink water. It will wash out the wave and you will have a clearer head to make better decisions.

5 Essential Tips to Survive a Car Lockout

After you have overcome the mini panic attack, let’s talk about the best methods that can walk you out of any car lockout. Here, we have divided them into two parts. One is being ready for the situation, and the other involves what to do if you get caught in the situation.

1. Prepare Beforehand

The best practice to avoid a mishap is to never let it happen. Car lockout is nothing stupid or extraordinary and can occur to anyone. But if you are prepared beforehand, you can either solve it in no time or don’t even fall into the situation.

Use a Spare Key

In automobiles, getting a spare key is not as easy as getting one for your front door. But if you talk with your car dealer or manufacturer, you can get one for such emergencies. Now, keep that key at your home in the safe or (for ladies) in your purse. Instead, assign a location in your car where you can easily access it, and hide the key there. You will find plenty of places if you think carefully, such as:

  1. Behind license plate

  2. Under the bumper

  3. In the fuel tank cap

  4. Attach to the fuel door (inside)

  5. Under your car (risky but highly conceived spot)

  6. In the wheel well

  7. Under the hood

  8. By the windshield wipers

However, this method is as risky as life-saving. First, you will need to regularly check its location to ensure it is firmly placed. It will reduce the chances of losing it in a random car bump during any ride. Plus, you have to keep it secure from weather effects.

But the biggest risk is car theft. If someone (suspicious) sees you taking out the car key from a hidden exterior location, it can be bad. Ensure no one catches you while you undergo a scheduled check of the spare, or do it in your garage (or a secluded place).

Use Remote Locking

If the above tip’s downside has discouraged you more than the bright sides, the best solution is going remote. Install smart locks in your car, so you can lock or unlock the vehicle with just a button.

Moreover, make a habit of locking your car with the remote control (which is usually your key as well). This way, you will manually lock the car only when you are outside, with the key in your hand. Hence, totally avoiding the situation at all.

Keep a Person Informed

Third might be the best way, where you always keep a person informed. They can be either a specific one (a close friend perhaps) or someone whom you will meet (or just met). Anyway, the purpose is that people know that you are traveling, and when you don’t reach the destination on time, they contact you.

This person can also be the one to whom you can hand over the spare key as well. Hence, you can call the person in a car lockout situation and ask them to bring the key.

2. Get Out of the Car Lockout

Well, suppose you don’t get the time to execute the above practices and lock yourself out of the car tomorrow. In this case, you have to think fast. The obvious choice will be calling a roadside assistance or towing company. But if you want to save money, there are a couple of more ways.

Did You Check All the Doors?

Sometimes, in a hilarious and stupid situation, only the driver-side door is locked out. While the other doors are connected to this main entrance in most cars, some have a different mechanism.

Only this main door can be locked but the others aren’t. And since you found this main one unlockable, you assumed the others are closed as well. So, before doing anything else, just try them all, for once.

Break Into Your Car

So, all four are unlockable. Then, try to break your way in. No, we don’t mean breaking windows here. Pick the lock or the methods given below:

  • Hit the nearby hardware shop and buy a lock-picking tool. If you have a little practice, or the tool is easy to use enough, you can pick your car’s door lock and re-enter (unless its security mechanism starts protesting).

  • Another method is using a string if the door lock is old-fashioned pull-up pin style. If your car is old enough that it has that pin lock, you can use a strong string (or a shoelace), tie a knot, get it inside, and pull the pin-up.

  • In case your car has a modern button lock, you can also use a stick. Force the door outwards to create enough space that a stick may enter. Press the unlock button with its help and enter your car.

Call a Professional Car Lockout Service Partner

Besides everything, if you face a car lockout, it is better to contact a professional team with car lockout services. While trying to force your way in for yourself, the car may receive some damage, which will only add insult to injury (or we say extra expense).

A Locksmith & Key will be a perfect call due to their excellent car lockout services. The team has certified, qualified, and highly experienced technicians. The savior will arrive within 30 minutes and solve your misery in no time.


Suffering from a car lockout is nothing but one big headache. However, if you are prepared by either keeping a spare key or a person informed, you may have a solution always in hand. Going remote-controlled will also work well. But if you are stuck in such as situation, check all the doors first before breaking your way inside.

Our best advice will be to call a professional team, such as Locksmith & Key, who have excellent car lockout solutions. They will unlock your car without any damage and provide an instant remedy. So, if you are unsure, give them a call on the spot.

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